Care Guide by Karen Barton


This garment has been pigment dyed or has been hand dyed with a wash affect.

Please wash separately on a cold wash as colours may run, never use detergents

containing bleach. 


All garments are printed by hand and each piece is unique.


Fading will naturally occur with wear. Wash your garment inside out on a cool wash

and do not wash with deter gents containing bleach.


Different fabric qualities may have different reactions to washing, please wash you,r garment separately on a cold wash, as colour may run.              Never use detergents containing bleach.


Most embellished garments including studs, rivets and chains can be placed inside a
wash bag to protect the embellishment from contact with other garments.



With wear holes can get bigger and the appearance of the distressing can change. Place inside a wash bag to protect the garment from contact with other garments.


Please wash by hand to protect the beauty of the garment and its delicate nature.



Avoid storing your garment on a clothes hanger, your garment may stretch or distort in shape.


These techniques are all done by hand and may vary on each garment.

With wear the knots may loosen or tighten and strings may stretch.

Always dry flat to avoid over stretching.

Twist the garment lengthwise after wash to best maintain the crinkle effect in the fabric. Loosely unfold and hang to drip dry. Avoid stretching and flattening the garment whilst wet. The effect with fade with wear.


Tie string around long fringing when washing and place in the wash bag to prevent


getting tangled. Fringing is delicate and may get caught or snap with wear.




Source: Religion label care instructions for washing garments


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