Ongoing work by Darius Molark. Part One

PART ONE – The Ringing Thud Where with Enabling the Idiot to Speak

SO he asked himself why he would take up such an audacious project like that to question the party line and become and authority on something he didn’t at first know about but was suspicious that there was a string of knowledge involved that would lead him to a place allowing him to understand his own humanity and a way to get closer to her but for no other purpose at that point he stopped thinking and stiffed up another line of mexican brown and went about placing the chairs and things about the room in stoic order because the day was the day she was coming and bringing the kids over and checking him out to make sure he wasn’t on drugs and that she could allow him to be a father again to their two kids and maybe even when the kids were asleep on the sofa allow him to touch her again like it had been that day they had first met on the school grounds and he was researching some complicated project of which he did not want to tell her who was then an assistant to the associate librarian person in the school library.

This was a period when they didn’t allow people of his kind on the campus because the people were too stupid and didn’t know what to do with items such as a brick a book a stick and a pencil with an eraser that once you started you could go back to the beginning and erase everything that yesterday you thought was important like when they were lying in the grass behind the school’s lavatory the only place where they could really be in private and he placed his hand up her brown orphan skirt that dressed her to the knees like a bag only the spell at that place stanked in a most odoriferous way so like that had to make quiet whoopee if only to recover the things they once thought loss.

(You had to get over it. It was a an important responsibility to be that way. It was really heavy. At one time truly miserable and also purely pleasurable.)

He smiled at her and kissed the kids and the first thing she noticed was that he would not look her in the eye as he sat the kids on the sofa and turned open the pages of a big book on exotic animals like the ones you could find any day at the zoo.

She looked at him carefully to note if there were any change in his natural rhythms or if he were imperceptibly scratching all over his body and she went into the kitchen to get the paper plates and to cut up the slices of ham and bread that she had bought for lunch for the kids because she knew he would probably not have any food in the house but two cans of beer, one of the cans already opened and sitting dangerously at the edge of the kitchen sink. He and the kids were enjoying each other, laughing at the pictures

Sometimes while they were in class she noticed that he would begin scratching all over, first starting at the back of his hands then going to his thighs and one long scratch would lead to his chest and then hers and like the next thing she knew he was tearing off her brassiere and squeezing the little mounds he found bringing intense enjoyment to her.

By the time he had her panties off, from the tall grass they noticed the dignified figure going into the outdoor lavatory and they waited and listen and then came, as they expected, a long tearing sound as if the earth were finally in remiss and then with one great push was getting everything out.

They clamped their noses by which time he was inside her pumping her with all the care and sweetness of a truck driver gone blind because he had found such beauty and sweetness in the road which is not ordinary. After they showed them how to feed the breech then they would have what to do after firing like picking up the shells or making the people clean up the soldiers’ defilement from the streets with a tooth brush.

The other reason he was doing the project was so he could make enough money to take the kids to Riverview Park on the north side of Chicago where they could go on the various rides, one freely associated with another.

After the first whiff of pain and sound traveled over them they unclamped their noses and holding her firmly on the hips both of them could feel her coming as if Michelangelo had finally, finally, hooked up David with the creator, who despondent that day, figured neither of them had a chance to meet each other so that he may depart the spirit of life from his fingers to the chest of Michelangelo. The documentary pointed out how the Crow Indians would always steal the horses of whatever tribe was in the neighborhood and that this was important in showing off and developing skills of the young warrior into manhood.

The third part of the project, the reason he was doing it was to counteract all thoughts that they were docile. But actually on the day in 1919, October, he told her how the bivouacked soldiers had kept their guns and pistols and from the Wabash YMCA had kept the mad people from coming into their community by taking pot shots at them their their Springfield rifles.

After they had finished and saw the anointed one leave the lavatory a huge wave of ennui struck upon him but his member was still hard. She cautioned him not to do anything any more because she was late from her position as assistant to the associate librarian who laughed and crackled every time she saw the little boy come into the library and tried to check books out at that time when people of his ilk were not allowed.

It was a dangerous period because he could feel the wanting to know arising in him, bursting, actually, all the sinews of his brain and later his income. In come this, in come that. In come love and outcomes baby. Then a job and a family house. He had to wait in the line of the filthy underneath the viaduct on 67th street to buy his mexican brown from Deck and then the thing was to try to escape from the little kids in the neighborhood who had been hiding there behind the viaduct to jump on them and take their dope from them. This is why they tried to purchase in groups, when they were standing in groups like three of them at a time to get through the gauntlet of sadness and mad human beings who had a lot of passion that had to be placed under control by the dope or else they would fall away and be displaced.

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