Minda de Vanghel by Mark Young

One of the least developed
strands in Stendahl’s unfin-

ished novel Le Rose et le Vert —
but obviously intended to be

important based on how much
of the author’s working notes

are given over to it — is an
analysis of the changing face of

vegetarian restaurants along
the hippest road in London.



Mark Young has recently had two chapbooks come out as part of William Allegrezza’s Locofo Chaps political poetry series which aims to publish 100 chaps in the first 100 days of Trump’s incumbency. The ever-increasing selection of chapbooks are downloadable from http://www.moriapoetry.com/locofo.html.

A Line from Ruby Rose by Mark Young

We’ve handpicked the best bits,
in colors that feel comfortable
in second-hand shops & so
won’t affect the shopping ex-

perience. Even a sectarian
militant organization like ours
can be an ethical & sustainable
company, & we’ve always had

really good style. Remember,
when buying transitional pieces,
to think elastic waistbands. They
have a calming effect when used.

Panoramifications by Dan Raphael


bed looks like a biscuit—did i melt into sleep

churned early, sinking or rising, hooked or unleaded

takes longer to pour than to drink

over the limit, the horizon




body temperatures too hot outside the body

when i’m comfortable i must change,

when i change i ask directions

guessing north, guessing noon

don’t want to know whats hovering overhead

just how hungry is it, smuggling without swallowing




No trace of the braces, once the seed tastes air

swaddling memory, her complexions reminds me of

south dakota on a honey-scented windless day

finally the hills have started to rise

for ten years i was yeast without taste buds




Stores are part prison part more than we need

not everyone can do this

some would rather march than dance,

when the music starts i look for a place to lay

so many speed limits but no speedometers




This perfumes like 5 days without bathing in autumn

when the trees clean their attics

i could live without walls but not without windows

only the lazy or distracted need roofs

the difference tween structure and building,

tween foundation and roots—you cant keep adding wings

my house will not be dishonored with eating

keep your shoes on but take off your shirt




When i was last here everyone was taller and nocturnal

higher than up, more complicated than sideways

my internal dictionary is ready for the never seen

my mother was curious, my father was quick




Shy infrequent light, the opposite of lake is thirsty

once i achieved panorama i yearned for pencils and leather

first rain’s free

like a fish in pure water

we  drink so much to have pull tabs to make chainmail

why are inhales so much quicker than exhales, which tastes better




Gravity gets paid more cause almost no one want to do it

in the old days every neighborhood had time,

now you have to go to the mall or a super-clock

you’re two fingers late

the days of the weak

those geese don’t know canada moved

hourglass maggots burrow in my genes