Six poems by J. D. Nelson

friendship artichoke listener

the can of ham is a new amazing hup
open it up for disgusted guests
there’s nothing to digest

this is my specialty
disappearing from view

I’m buying another planet
& my western lobes are tingling

earth is a many mirrored h.o.b.e.
with linus the real seventh

now we have a brain
and in the brain an egg
and in the egg a beast


the roving hand is a hard rock lucky

wood you start
the famous tree to disguise the art

the fighting tree
the words were like diamonds in the poem

and that something is the morning of the rain
the key to the brain being online and wet-wired

that rainbow is the ticking hand
what is white rice


half of them are in the belly by now

that head was a light burg so they say
this was the best earth could do at the time

be careful with the words
whip nice eggs

that hand is the strumming hum of all together
the rest of the poem

why is the miracle not a flash in the air
this tucker machine is the light of the basic


no standing up straight for six months

scrape the episode to connor the mine
that’s the feather of one flight

one gum to shrimp up the candlemaker backwards
the demanding face of the coloring book fuse

we can see the trouble in the trees
we will see the sun in the window

that could be the good foam now
in the bottom of the drawer


the careful kicking of the compliant featureless deeves

to start a fire with the loud mouth
the mud for my backpack

try unleashing your powers ok
unless you have the cracked apple

the world is a better button maker
to be the dark proctor of these exams

the sky is the terrible noun
earth is a borrowed toad


the dollar pigs

the king fork was a rock
not yes, not no

hot leech to print the fortune banner now
help with the magic and algebra

motion us thru the doctor lamb method
the hilltop sound of moore smith the james

you know a little bomb
a crisp onion curd

lack was a moat warp
brannan earth was a copier




J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. Visit for more information and links to his published poems. Nelson lives in Colorado.


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