Alphabetical Adlestrop by Mark Totterdell

A Adlestrop, Adlestrop afternoon,
all and, and and, and and, and and, and and,
and bare, because birds, blackbird,
by came, cleared close.

Cloudlets drew dry, express fair.
Farther, farther for Gloucestershire grass,
haycocks, heat high. Him his hissed.
I, I in it, June, late, left less lonely.

Meadowsweet minute. Mistier name, name.
No, no, no, of of on one, one, one
only Oxfordshire platform, remember round.
Sang. Saw someone. Sky. Steam still than that.

The the the the the the the the;
there, throat train! Unwontedly up
was, was what? Whit? Willow? Willow-herb?