sleeves by John M. Bennett

days or clam was
backwards ,hair em
blazoned with a brain
or was that shape of
ants the hive arcane
or thunder in the
chicken soup it’s
lawns you swallow
“over turned” un
written nails rusting
in a sleep offsh
ore ,g lass your
finger’s cut deep in


After Ivan Argüelles’
“To the Unknown God of Lost Fingers”


esperanto by John M. Bennett

some ,or frantic st
ep deflayer it’s a
code ,or name if

n one resplays a
sausage lurks be
fore the Stone the 

stOne ,locked a
round em pathic beet
scowling in the clay


Founding Curator, Avant Writing Collection
Rare Books & MSS Library
19 Thompson Library
1858 Neil Av Mall
The Ohio State University