Four poems by Kushal Poddar

Crumbs On Your Metro Seat
Your ex called you a whore,
although only as a metaphor-
a slap of leather on the days of tearing lace.
The metro asks you
not to have a quick lunch.
Your crumbs on the seat widens their discomfort.
Your ex called you last night
and apologized for calling you by mistake.
The station you alight is a Sunday clouded to loneliness.
Paper Monster
The monster lives in the papers
my father writes on my life.
Come to the basement,
meet the bushy cats, asleep.
In the cabinet, in the bureau
drawn by the years
the life sprawls deep.
We must tip toe. We must see
it from a distance so the ink
may remain blurred in
the cage and sky of obscurity.
You must be curious, and I desire to show
you the monster, you, the monster,
but the cats make my nose water.


City Jam
A vein and an artery
of the AC machine
seats when flies the finch.
The hot wind your fortress
adds to the gully summer!
The dwarf houses! The secret
of owning the street tap
before others arrive!
The swings of the red pipe, blue pipe!
On the cornice gleam
the contraceptive pills
you threw away on the Mother’s Day night.
Far below, city grows
with tin shades, tanned boys
arrowing the Venus of the dusk.
From the bay, a cyclone says,
” I’m inevitable.”
So are the finches. So are the finches


Finding Mother In A Closet
She thinks she has blood
on her hands-
the same those shake so
she can’t sew anymore.
I say,
“I’m alive. Father is.
There is no blood. At least
not on your skin.”
Everything was dead.
Night plays a little jazz.
Then begins the world news.


Edited the online magazine ‘Words Surfacing’.
Authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’ (Spare Change Press, Ohio), “A Place For Your Ghost Animals” (Ripple Effect Publishing, Colorado Springs), “Understanding The Neighborhood” (BRP, Australia), “Scratches Within” (Barbara Maat, Florida), “Kleptomaniac’s Book of Unoriginal Poems”  (BRP, Australia) and “Eternity Restoration Project- Selected and New Poems” (Hawakal Publishers, India)

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