Time has come by Dan Raphael

Sun    moon    toast    wind    thirst    fried food    satiety


Jeans to wear    fever    marsh    après    my jane jollily agrees

Separate ocular novae dice embers


Harvest moon     hunters moon     ice moon

hide your 10-year-old moon     naked in the stream moon


Weeks have no names, no rankings save the first or last week

of  the quarter or school. paydays been dethroned by direct deposit,

as hours have been replaced with salary, a lump of as much time

as the mosquito can inhale.

that time of month pharmaceutically neutered,

like mood swings, as no one wants to push or be liable if you go to far.

fish declining because of birth control in the water,

how dilute anti-depressants decrease competition for mates


I point to my wrist to ask what time it is and they don’t know what i mean.


Time of the season, time of our lives, time to get the hell out of  here,

seize the moment, a split second finish, particles that exist

for one trillionth of a heartbeat. what seems an asteroid

is indecipherable machinery built around dinosaur time


At work we budget sick hours, paid leave. at home we force ourselves

to take an hour without looking at the list of tasks short and long range—

what must be done daily, monthly, once a year. i dont know the last time

that was cleaned, to the garage it seems like yesterday

controlling anothers time, measuring efficiency—32 billable hours in a good day—

late and early so complex with cultural expectations and references, sun dials,

when the moon is in the seventh house. i think this whole day is retrograde.


You picked the worst time to tell me this.

Somewhere classsified a cesium atom develops a sense of humor

and all the clocks are a picosecond askew;even 1 day per four years

isnt enough to keep our solar path true to calendar,

without factoring in the relativisms of our constantly moving system,

the sun a slow comet with us debris in its tail


Until the 80s clocks in Saudi Arabia were set to midnight each sunset,

which had a precise definition. North Korea created its own time zone.

a border city defies the rest of its state to align with commerce an hour earlier.


Up with the sun. meet you when our shadows are underfoot.

crossing oceans you needed a clock to safely determine your longitude.

travel fast enough and you can return before you leave, science guesses;

those who do so are deemed insane if they cant shut up.

does anybody really know what time it is; does anybody really care.


Time-stained hands, wont wash out. I havent got time for that.

Time in a bottle, the time of our lives. in due time, patience compounding interest.

Out of time.  Terminal.. Time stands still and refuses to sit or stop shaking


Time emits.  Tie me up time

To invest my energy. Transient images manifesting everything. Thermal imbalance

means evaporation. Two i’s merging energetically. Time is mutually exclusive.


  For a couple decades I’ve been active in the Northwest as poet, performer, editor and reading host. Everyone in This Movie Gets Paid, a book of my poetry, came out June 1st.  Current poems appear in Otoliths, Caliban, of/with, Rasputin and Unlikely Stories.


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