A Day’s News by Howie Good

You can see from here a killer angel wiping his bloody anus with handfuls of grass. Misery burns us. Drugs burn us. The lightning burns us. Children sing, “Where is my clock? Can I bring my wheelchair?” No one I ask can tell me if the future is real. “Sorry,” they just say. “We made a big mistake.” I can’t think too much about it. Everyone is dropping gear, panicking, jumping over tables. So I need at times to close my eyes. These were my rivers, the ghosts of birds all that’s left.


Howie Good is the author of Dangerous Acts Starring Unstable Elements, winner of the 2015 Press Americana Prize for Poetry. His other books include A Ghost Sings, a Door Opens from Another New Calligraphy and Robots vs. Kung Fu from AngelHouse Press (both 2016). He co-edits White Knuckle Press with Dale Wisely.


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