Extract from ‘at vacuum’s edge’ by Michael Mc Aloran

…in a collapse of prism purpose prism failure some blood to taste a withered lightless/ intent driven from the beyond nor which artery climate/ sudden to exhale silver smoke a trace of desire/ nothing to see or other to move along unto lacks distance ever-way trace of malign feature blind eyes burning out of their socket graves where charred teeth chatter/ solace what sun a diseased railing against some other than/ an unknown pageantry of sense disintegration/ sudden to recollect exhalation of razor entity deals in death-cards/ empty traces/ nothing more than spelling it out words unraveling/ it/ what equates with soundless sound tearing some trace from vibration nights till dredged becoming else collision collide/ falter/ ex nihilo collide from out of none a face obliterated skyline chalice of bone warped lights lapse stillness pared amber colourless appeal/ outstretched arms that limply fall to some circus paradigm obsolete devoured sands in throat/ colossus shadowing of breath spoken dead once all bled some solace never unto ever what struck from opus lock an unturned key/ design desire breath spat out forage glimmer appeal till obsolete shudder taste climbs through cannot no way unto having other than of foreign silence beckoning/ till clear cut what cut clear glass spattered with lice bloody child exclamation mark stench reek piss faculty breathe some slaughterhouse irredempt/ falters none in none no nothing of till tilt tint of shadowing no longer dry clear in asking of forgotten/ knocking for some final some what or if given unto dreaming forgotten/ else collision rotting nothing/ exile of bleed/ a foreign disclosure discharge fallen wrenched from sacrosanct not a breath till worship driven from out of breath/ sunk eye in dog shit ever on display/ what lung eye given a trace of dead airs a fading musicality a dreaming next to follow further onward into nothing/ tapered goes some light’s lapse all blood marrow taste collision nothing further to gain/ so says what/ once passed upon/ a silhouette a foreign banquet at which to dine alone for all time set in human meat/ bones of long speech desire lapses in and out of speech cannot through death’s relapse an orchard of none/ spoke eye all dredged regardless vomitous unspoken words respoken not a trace gathering by winds origin of not a trace designed by edge to overcome collapse unto/ eye dredged lapse and then apart lung laughter on/ (to where)/ not on no ever-on into none no none is/ obliterate/ not a trace nor sound no nothing gouged out in instanced breath/ at vacuum’s edge where speech treads gracefully upon terror’s absolution/ obliterated by none corpus strikes out into nothing ever cold chase of echo-echo bleeds taste of discharge unlike blood opiate of desire/ a rip of cold flesh bone rupture hollow ashes scattered upon limbs that beg unto where nothing ever cold chase of echo-echo blood unlike/ scarred unto breathing stun dead flux abortive recollect shale struck bone flex flesh of disregard heavenly to touch winds gilded none lesser for what stone wind’s design opening out unto/ reflex of else that will not/ no/ not a suffuse throughout what dead pulse rocking back and forth in darkness exhalations of final speech ever recoiling/ blending with collective traces no nothing non-voice a blend of tears and/ (regards with  skinned eye)/ in frozen heart from out of damage dense accord a flagellate fingers gnarled cannot close over the warmth of limb upon limb gifted spasm held to burn what of it/ speech devoured lest sense be other than eradicated by purity/ in a suicide of bitter teeth ablaze denounced cold earth tears dead do not ponder/ neither in or of obliterate concealed beneath each footprint in frozen surface/ cylindrical abase murmurs beneath breath trace of broke stone bodies clinging together as of shit to bootheel/ nothing there/ not a trace of redempt/ view is of outstretched vulture wings and the bleed of foreign silences for all time spent eradicated what songs from cancerous flesh to absorb no further than a lie from outset’s chalice/ what sung we lung it is said/ premise no/ collapse into thy dread in a make of mockery cold shoulder of abort stricken skies streaked across in bloody streams a hallucinogenic upheaval throughout better repose of ice-dark-weight/ absence of all/ all shadowing/ all knowing yet not/ scar tissue of some unseen/ a/ not of not a/ snap bone itch however done collision echo-echo traceless what edge from which to strike into an irredeemable solace absence/ bitten bone eye light outstretched catascope where edge is vital sudden in outcry cries density a turning of soil over and over devouring nothing new that ever was nor will ever be/ so go words/ silence dreamt of/ never ceasing in conflict there its sense devoured by/ arbitrary lights break surface of skull’s interior illuminating nothing more than ever was nor seen/ not a trace/ voice in response collides with nothing echoing out in dry screams/ foreign whispers fallen at once to be eradicated/ nullified/ tastes whip as it expires/ back then till unto/ gathered in fleshed bones of ill-purpose opiate eyes close over nowhere left to see yet some/ still yet/ scar tissue yes peeled away revealing exposed eyes of lack and absence/ stone winds wilting blood flows from callused fingers unto vacuum’s edge collecting bone whispers/ (seeded by)/ tumbleweed across desert sands of unseen mind’s reflect/ in desolation’s itch stitch of absence of redeem fleshed bones of within of illumined skull bleed of foreign silences/ nowhere left from out of shadowing alack/ static/ black light/ severed fingers scattered across empty sands/ silent murmurs/ traces of memory fathomless an itch of redeem a vacant lot a vacant lot of blind bones bound in a pissoir’s grace some piss-reek of/ blind shit devoured from whittled hands smeared across gait in mirror’s reflect cracked eye-limb/ what circus dreaming cancerous obviation/ nocturnes of once having been dredged from weightless barren ovulate a recourse to blind sorrows sweet caress of deathly tears/ it or other than what given next to nothing turning in lapse collision fallen skies never truly fallen eyes devoured in oceanic apathy trace barren in skulk of fissure dread collapse unto thy dread one final breath to champion (the) infinite…



Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). He grew up in Co. Clare. He is the author of a number of collections of poetry, prose poetry, poetic aphorisms and prose, most notably ‘Attributes’, (Desperanto, NY, 2011), ‘The Non Herein’ & ‘Of Dead Silences’ (Lapwing Publications, 2011/ 2013), ‘Of the Nothing Of’, ‘The Zero Eye’, ‘The Bled Sun’, ‘In Damage Seasons’,(Oneiros Books (U.K)–2013/ 14); ‘Code #4 Texts’, a collaboration with the Dutch poet, Aad de Gids, was also published in 2014 by Oneiros. He was also the editor/ creator of Bone Orchard Poetry, & edited for Oneiros Books (U.K 2013/ 2014). A further collection, ‘Un-Sight/ Un-Sound (delirium X.), was published by gnOme books (U.S), and ‘EchoNone’ & ‘Of Dissipating Traces’ were also released by Oneiros Books…’breath(en) flux’, a chapbook, was recently released by Hesterglock Press. Black Editions Press recently released ‘in absentia’ & ‘In Arena Night’, ‘bone silences’, plus two ‘Untitled’ projects & ‘At Vacuum’s Edge’…


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