Soliloquy by Freya Jackson

It’s too much poetry too much long tall

Women who walk out the door to the tune


Of that bitch over there and the men who

Keep wanting them panting over till


She turns upside-down as red-red meat

Lamb do you understand how to diagram


Her in blank verse until she is just woman

But I do not have the kind of lips men want


To dislocate – and so I dream of woman

Soft&sharp&sweet and her body is as


Foreign to me than to any of those poets

Who jack-off only to her eyes the way


She walks. I want her cunt I do not know

How to see upside-down into me want


To turn her like a meat hook no wonder

They wanted this I do not wake up


Thinking of volcanoes, dicks are easy this

Is harder. The unseen spaces, all those nerves


On the inside. I think of circles dislocate myself to

An objectors lens. Woman woman woman


I want.

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