Lisa’s Edict by John Grey

Ban sex in this house.

Even ban talk of sex,

And then thoughts of sex.

Let this be celibate house

#494506780 in the history

of the sex-free world.

We have the babies.

Why go on with it.

And we can drink caffeine-free coffee,

soda without sugar,

even beer without alcohol.

And let’s watch no TV.

Just stare at the blank screen.

Nor read newspapers.

But remember the news

from long ago.

Don’t answer the telephone.

Don’t even have a telephone.

And no book but the Bible.

The expurgated version that is.

We can kneel beside the bed

and pray that death come sooner

than later.

As long as that’s the express

wish of God that is.

Maybe we shouldn’t kneel

beside the bed

because that’s the scene

of all that sex

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be

talking of sex.

Or even thinking of sex

But I saw you praying

beside the bed

Head raised,

hands clasped,

knees bent.

Yes, your body was doing it.


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