no amnesiac — i remember by Carolyn Srygley-Moore

i dodged the science of death, today: a crowd amassed in the barbarian’s garden, full of people pinning the word marvelous to his face, transfixed, the elder’s squint. i dodged the silence of death today, that is no silence, but a city of faces risen, receding, the flash of dolphins beneath human betrayal. the bridge where the human fences inhumanity narrows, stitched of lace: lace formed of gut & flesh & what is that, there? superheroes in grand armor, the ideals of fascists bright, bright, dullard heads. i dodged, death came, anyway, sucking ice cream sundaes through its esophageal straw, lingering outside the funeral home where Jesus & Buddha are viewed, gutted dreamer, dreamers, lining the welcome mat. i am no amnesiac, i remember the frog when i was three; the turtle, the red numeral seven painted on its shell, when i was eight — found within the radiator, a husk, dried, hard as an Ice Age wing. i dodged, silence advanced, a friend said back-away, i backed into the curled husk of an ear, human. i want, i want what i thought given up: somewhere the sanctity of feeling safe, in a house of ice cubes jangling, clattering from the plastic tray. maybe that’s it: hold me? tell me it’ll be okay, we will fall asleep in the tree-house my brothers built from wood stolen, stolen from construction sites, at night, at night, where the barbarian leaves the garden whole again, pears slung in her blue apron, secrets hushabye don’t you cry, trace a leaf become my spine.



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