Neville and Kees by Aad de Gids

his eyebrows so perfectly coiffed as it gathers in a crown
his approach his reaching is a leap to the barre to then, despite
his 18 yrs, arche backward with his breast showing spiriting
bright yellow, his head in an elegantly balletic arc de circle
unhysteric as Neville is this is a geste of approach to be taken
seriously: he works with subtle charms. as does Kees, finch
postMARS in all the diametric opposite of his former other
neighbour. Kees also works with charm and his fine intellect
it came like this, as I wanted him to look at a newlit candle
and he did but developed it himself into a ritual which soon
backlashed unto myself. he surely looks at the candle, his head
tilted and thèn looks at ME. his collection of gazes is endless.
“yes, this apparently is what makes you happy” he seems to
transpond with his ironic aftergaze. once i wanted him to look
at my bracelet and he tilted his head. what he did thèn sended
me in cramps. tilted his head and suddenly stretched, to LOOK.
“postMARS” means silence, no morningpersons giving me
orders and derogative laserlooks. no more “I AM BOSS AND
I AM BOSS” with neighbourhood shaking volume. sweetness
and wisdom, from primitive instinctualism to the bird satori


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