Super Supper by Oonah V Joslin

The bell rang and who could it be?


Hello, I just dropped by to see

if there was something I could for you, Maam

or something you could maybe do for me.


It says ‘No Cold Callers’.

Can’t you read,

you superheroes?


That surely can’t include me.


It certainly does Superman!


There must be something I can do

for a gorgeous woman like you.

Now tell me

what would that be?


Take your foot out of the doorway

before I break it?

You think you look smart

in those fancy pants? Well

let me tell you – I’m the girl

with the Kryptonite eyes

and I can see right

through your theatrical disguise

to your over-sized codpiece

with matching ego

and it ain’t a pretty sight, superhero.

My pinkie has more attitude

so push off Dude.

I have something simmering

so if you don’t mind it’s late

and Cat woman and I have

a heavy date!


Last I saw of him was a deflated cape.


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