Naming Love (from Old Names for Herbs) by Rhys Trimble

Wings: Geraniaum Sup to

Sempervivum Milk Slipper Maiden

Buttons Love Root Rout

Cuckoo Pipe Thapsus Cocklebur in

Rowan Sativa Blood Juice Gods

Love Herb: Californicum cum

Horny Heart Meadowsweet

Son-Before-the-Father before:

Medicinalis Snowbells


Polygonum John Bleed the

Fairy Ladies’ Angel: Flannel: Farfara

Ann the Plantain Heal

Yerba leaves Scilla Food



Jericho Thevetia Flag Pig’s Regalis

Dragon Americanum Seven Buttons

Love Foxglove

A Peucedanum Yarrow Chop

Benzoin Soapwort


Dracunculus Sea Arum

Hand Vulgare Hundred

Virginicus Wolf

Ox-eye Woman

Calf’s Wild Staff

Bedstraw Helenium Elven

Carnation Aquilegia Such of Santa

Arabic Star Ears for

Madwort: Snake

Meillionen Goch

Rhamnus Album Semen Unicorn Horn

Old Egg Hair



Ground /Ash.

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