Cereulean – a love poem by Rhys Trimble

Jacqueline Taieb – Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts

                                   cut up in French translated with bing traslate


Blue the you only one says window

and the is caresses at the door

I said to it fingers, look window

and dreams and end of me

turns off to the hair

Come the sad is “and it is a morning corner”

see the of you as it is for end my also

On morning lifting dead

and end for am to the friend

And it when gold

me ma to see leaves

it’s of him turns off the hair says morning

heart it fingers sound to the dance

“as heart eyes a fingers tip the also”

entered the love greenhouse

heart morning it heart to seem to land

it me input window and there

that a greenhouse I seem had answer

her him his tip the next dog heart

entry alone tells little to the also

“On hair it it’s poet said” 
and his today

fingers the one dreams

and door a sad and land it’s arms

it not of the one answer cigarette and dance”

like fingers the friend and getting ahead

of its tip hair look beautiful

and with hand and heart

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