Caring by Nick Cooke

What are you German                  you sound like a Nazi

didn’t they learn you English                        before you come over

give me any backchat                       I’m on to the agency

 not like I’m askin for much               just my due


Bring me back from the market              with bags full

take me to the lav             and sit me down

I don’t ask you to wipe my arse               not a cripple you know

day I can’t manage that         really will be the end


It’s your job to get me out                      in the event of fire

break the window                                      with bare hands if need be

you signed a contract                         to keep me safe

lift me into the fresh air                                        but no drafts allowed


I used to be in your line                     moons ago

..lookin after an ex-army type                      right old rogue he was

tried to have me over his knee                   whenever he could

their sort got no respect                  it’s in their blood like a germ


Told myself I wasn’t havin that            a moment longer

got to show some self-respect              you owe it to women everywhere

which is why I won’t take lip        from no one high or low

or any kind of manhandlin       come to that


Firm but fair that was me                  right down the line

I ran my kitchens like a bleedin squadron       they called me Mrs Musso

I’d still be doin it       but for the arthritis

  well that was their excuse               felt like I’d been invalided out


Hardly able to move            but had the old feller to look after

worse than mine his bones were                   and then he got his cancer

never told anyone this                      but it was a relief                     when he went

hate to admit defeat                       just       gettin too much you know


My ma said I was blessed              with an overactive mind

but I can’t settle to anything                             just get restless

never could get through a book          only the papers

these days they’d say I had that      ADH thingie


Now music on the other hand                       always was my kick

used to dance up a storm          me and Barry down the Regal

why don’t you stick the wireless on              let’s hear what’s cookin

that trumpet takes me back                flash whistles              Brylcreem


Funny how things work out              us just bobbin along

and them two boys so mighty                  before their heads exploded

I wrote to one of them once          can’t remember which

..said to keep his chin up               don’t know if it even got there


Thanks for all you done                     and no hard feelins eh

some days it get on top of you              you just lash out

    I’ll be sure to tell Leila                         you was good as gold

look after yourself mate                         see you again some time


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