Gruffudd Hiraethog I’r Gusan –transubstantiation 3 ways by Rhys Trimble

plain text rhyme-scheme, italics cynghanedd, bold meaning.


I had a memorable friday

with bounce and lips gay

holy planetary pledge

holiness love & kiss edge

  call sisters cull sensation

            cur christian correlate

            cuddle bivouac dowager

            cunning account given

famous excite favor

                        love like a mix of mead

                        a song of flesh colored beauty

                        have taste of sack or sweetwine

taking wine took ossay

invalid wound even healthy

body vitality without compare

hearing each her breath clear

  cool valentine kale,  veal

            bess of tess of told

            node men of nude manner

            bovine, sine and silken

                        will have a gift one present

                        love prize taste skinsweet

                        bite & sugarwine if sound

                        we’ll have the taste of that if sweeter

clear grave of Creirwy fine

come saddle not have kine

hot bath narrow greeting

lockjaw click of loving

            year big leer dig turning loose

            & core treacle care & true

            chinning other inch all anon

            a jihad salad search

                        comfort clave in coldest wretch

                        goldfield double love’s hope

                        cunning love’s tuning key

                        that fixed me of the ache that was

it was essential clarity

tastetongue in honeyed bee

clasp of artful love

curing illnesses’ alcove

  canal rood & kennel road

            coal perks a cool pirouette

            calf thy wonder caliph oh the

            hopeless cutless caul

                          carousal will not a dirtyman

                        live long from these

                        tying in a lifetime

                        right on this, did, had & given.

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