Twist n Turns by Dominic Albanese

there is no “exact” form
to what I scribble babble saunter or sashay
here there an every where
a few times a day
it is not stories or “epic master piece”
by leaps n bounds in electrode
flagrant attempts at
broken chain link fence post
scatter shot…”I do have an idea some time”
I have read so many crime
I could be charged in half of em
with decelerate lassitude n a fkd attitude
my idea of poetry the few times I try
to be serious
n not delirious
is for you… …fill in the blanks
leaving both a mystery a touch of history
these almost go to sleep time wonderings
about things
here that are both
real n imagined….like clouds…women
walking before sun up in
some hazy crazy place called
my brain


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