OK as Clear….. by Dominic Albanese

as I can
when the daily
fight is over who is
fucking who
outta what
big bamboozle goes right on
to your raised fist of dissent
as long as joe six pack
n his co-horts
are happy
paying a 3/4 chunck
at pay day
so defense contractors (who by the way while deployed are exempt)
ya gotta love it
feel the burn
storm Washington square
(that used to be by the way a gallows for escaped slaves)
the real “villains”
are again oblivious as they
sit in a think tank plotting
the next how many million are gonna
in this endless war for profit
n if you don’t pay they got a judge
who by the way
gets a nice bonus
from a for profit prison
to put your Eugene Debs loving
in stir…..and the BANKS glee full to
(after taking a “transfer fee”)
love to take money an give
to this fighter plane score
if we had a “fair” system
water would be clean
roads would be fixed
an more people would be working
able to see
that tax money at work
not used in a bomb
that only the dead see on its way down

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