neo esthetic hard soaps by Aad de Gids

sometimes we are within the realms of geophysical striata,droplets

of wintery rains and kneebound sensibility to chill,prefrost,tv-coldness

the gray overcast a segment in time toward which we are subordinate

in a naturalistic way as eversomuch petals blown by the breezes as

illusory as fervently silted and strong,as such we belong to the world

with the same gradient we fear for it,uneasiness is one of the shared

features with elements as much correlating with serotonine and shots

of adrenalinoid titers as also elements of “world” the mastering we

thought we could muster seems solely the trait of the celestial itself


[sometimes (these times) it is hard to “come up with” poetry bc these

aren’t favorable times. i would gladly stay within domains of “beauty”

and “mystics” and always am interested in neo-esthetic movements.

i never have a writers block but am aware of more and more the subtle

development of a taste for “impossible poems” which speak in many

registers and happen in myriads of layers,not necessarily all consistent]


wordraged documented journal of presentism on fiji,loads of bruises

on the legs,tighs and often sigarette/sleeved arms the result of euronaive

cajolings of touristterrorists or,and,realitytelevision junglaton participants

knowledgeless and mediatittilated attacked by the marbled eel with its

preference for evening and nocturnal attacks to this highly visible white

flesh moved by the tv soap challenges to make that fire and fix that

semirural housingproject for the vaccinated hollywooders and venezolan

beauty pageant winners of the hard soap pacific isles contest for future

south american elitist caracas cagist housingowners above the fafelas


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