all peripheral branchelettes by Aad de Gids

now not a denial of the world rather in “living it out” a swamping,exhaustive fulfilling of it as if its fatigue in this exclusive way could be “outdebted” its oxygenate debt absolved its fields outran,by intense usage usurpated back to the original annexationists: the herbs,now everywhere outnumbered by the bitumen by the freeways the asphalt the hot corrugated tin roofs; so as if by an intense entropy, reversal,rehearsal the denseness of the world given in to looser powers,powders,the world a lighter place but with much the same gravitas,basaltous granite insurpressability while simultaneously there is this wish of the sentient beings,well,of all the geophysical events,to not fill out this neotendency for endtime,escatological arts,medicalised arts,undersubsidised research or oversubsidised lobbied endless on the tv mediatised politics of neonazi trump or some eurovariant we surely can do without. nasally quasi-shouted slogans build not a durable and adaptive sufficiently complex cohort of raw material to further debate upon and execute communally decided upon plans for,not against the world,oh yeah people. so it is worlding,becoming-world and the correlating (or conversed,averse,inverse,intense) art we’re looking for. a poetree of a multitude of branchelettes each semi-coveting part of part of. like ants we go forward,ant-art the anti-art incorporated in the ant-art with the sprawling,sprinkling,delicately blackening while whitening and gleaming filling out of the hiatuses and stasises some processes keep holding up as stubborn characteristic. but the stasises are in flow also (“dialektik im stillstand”,Walter Benjamin) and perhaps if we affirm what we are prone to want to reform,we’re traversing these gray cataleptic mindscapes of temporal subsociuses as if the caravanserai crosses the namib,from waterpoint to waterpoint,overseeable from sydneys centerpoint tower or the moscow tv-tower and there is a much more spacier,loftier,roomier vista with all kinds of little sidepossibilities around these still ponds. isles and archipelagos of possibilities and probabilities derived from broken thoughts and tired feelings new horticulture sprouts and revised lagoons dechemified and rechemified shall function within the trellis of new vectors,victor. infravegan luncheonettes will pop up like dover street market pop-up shops in london and tokyo or the guerilla type merchandising of comme des garçons also as temporarily pop-up events selling the mark in question as also interesting aperçus: the domain of the fashionista subpop-up in this sense can educate the global politics in a way to: dissect,dissociate,disseminate,fall apart in much smaller particles not world hegemony that is so yesterday dahlink. just an enheightened sensible sensibility for what is new and exiting and no longer allotted to one segregated or,gated,community but a byte of global evidentiality,as we’re all berliners but also aliens on earth. so put on your afro trump and visit benin and mali and togo and fuck you. an angela davising for trump would do nicely. the poem a textfield a textLab open on all sides adjustable,no moe copyright a kind of nonpersonal,as in africa intertribal drummology and even the art is exchangeable in that sacres figurines are carved without so much of personal as well as tribal merit,this was before the tourist-terrorist wave engulfed kenya,zambia,egypt et cetera. now we have hypercamps of fugitives and over all continents,xenophobia goes viral as the solutions either drow dim and dark. perhaps fourty conference centers in fourty major cities not with westerncentered prevalence alone when their cities are one of the gals/boys. the wide glassgilded buildings are 80+ floors identical round (le corbusier in chicago like) towers designed by the japanese Kazuyo Sejima and the iraqi Zaha Hadid,identifiable in all cities concerned and wise and fun people of all walks of life are conferencing about the quasi-local problems in the mean time building up some larger braids of decisionist,constructive improvals on dozens of topics. now ain’t that trippy? art,in the mean time,comes along and dissuades into other directions keeping it all fresh and open to change and critique. keeping it street and alive. no doubt informationism will have its say as does disinformationism with a trajectory of satiric and sceptic asides,the linguistic domain inbetween all modern factors as accessability,cooperative questionnaires,ongoing surveys,transcultural x-rays, moodaltering freeflowing textings,murals and toiletart. ageless language plus local dialects diatribes of smartphone and speeddial,skype and scope,telecharge and instagram,unification = diversification the affirmation and celebration of being human or an orchid,an orchard,an elk or a vole,the oceanic currents dynamic psychedelic,fluorescent algae with prada dotted whalesharks. the world is a darker place now but this doesn’t halt an appeal in the mode of agitprop,roaring twenties and flappeuses.

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