Z by Jim Lawrence

一  the long fast death of the rinse cycle

二  illuminated freshness, underwired

三  Pound’s avatar ? singing women in (classical) Chinese

四 bell hooks’ & chris cheek’s missing capitals

五  Plantagenet Genet’s genetic gentility

六 halfway between substance and material there is tiger

七 are we there yet or are we

八 taped ambrosia

九  frustration of leather bookmarks are zen mind

十 intensity intends tent cities, underwater lobbyists’ neckties

十一 ‘The products that we sell are intrinsic, mighty intrinsic so.’

十二 the fungibility of certain commercial goods is no excuse anyhow

十三 might as well give up re referent, what referent ?

十四 ontological instability is j.h. prynne’s middle name

十五 ghost swaps machine for platform

十六 there’s many a mickle maks a muckle if nevermind

十七 repudiate all dogstar

十八 soldiers completely new moulded out of undifferentiated tissue

十九 you are here but not within the graphemes, remember that ok ?

二十 experts already, experts experts experts

二十一  the key to the doors of perception fell down the grille

二十二   corpulence is rebellion

二十三  tough zippers, ludibrium innit

二十 四 BAH!


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