windtarnished flowers overwinterlings by Aad de Gids

as time is going by one wonders if this is not the ultime

topic of poetry or art or philosophy while in daily life of

course it also is an important indicator to what we get the

intensest notice when we love someone and s/he dies. gone


time goes by and all transient and fleeting affairs hold

such poignancy when the poem searches for images and frail

examples of windtarnished flowers,the corrosion on a boulder

the,quite artsy corrosion of paint on artifacts: all in flux


picture taken off-centered showing whomever wearing Important

Shawls or flashing baubles in speedboats or yachts or in The

Concorde: outer veneer is evasive and layerdly brittle,in due

time we see the cracquelée and botoxed folds unfolded lines


a poem is also the approach of the cryptic insectoid backlit

metascript on the screen,ultrascreenism and the autonomy from

the almost unchosen words which are attracted by other words

and thus,become-world in ecologies of words: poetic possibility


also have I,due to the regularity of work and out of this an,

ingrown chronic fatigue. but do not think feeble of this it is

just ‘condition humaine’ not negative but affirmative: “what

it is”,what makes us proceed through these adversities toxic,


intricacies somehow we manage to travel along the thin contours

between disaster and follow-up nevertheless also there,there we

have not obvious demarcationlines anymore: “all is true at the

same time”,baudrillard. windtarnished flowers,overwinterlings


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