tumulte rivièrièlle by Aad de Gids

non threatening lights sprinkled over the spaces within home as if

they float in evening mid air: candles, christmas led-lights two small

faux-conifers with small white lites lending the evening air somewhat

soft blotches hovering nestling in the heart, anxietyridden month 12


informativity of the text slowly vanishes behind as abstract as the

dismorphic totality of the penetrative yet unevasive lightlets the poem,

then, what emerges within the silence of seasnow on land as we also

could consider the words lights evening evaporative poetic resorbtion


a mauve contourering out of the inside of the clôche display of shells

along its curvatures we belong as well to the earth as the celestial arc

de cercle us, leaving somewhat as sentient persons along with d’green

of grass and trees,the animals the mountainous ranges riverial tumulte


tumulte rivièrièlle as we dive in or with the piroquet negotiate junglian

hyperurbane clefts, waterfalls, the majestic just, stretch here poetry if

emerged, paints impressionistically in whichever idiom the poem left

by the mangroves or under the shoppingcarts a loose nightmetallurgy


even in the house the cosmos in the cosmose the house demolecularised

we’re xeroxes of carbon with our history of predation and compassion

without our history also of the grasses we’re quite mystic transportation

hubs reveal our statisticy our stasis, invariant entropy of our numbers


we’re the sheer phantoms of the landscapes and tautologic parcs where

the nothing has a place in accidental zengardens and thrown away in

fleeting gesture, detritus the zen and the detritus exprime much same

features: all changes while nothing changes and we return and leave


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