scalettes of poetry by Aad de Gids

if we would insert scalelettes of poetry in each day would

it lessen the burden we feel not only since nov.13nd,the Paris,

since 1981 HIV/AIDS,since tschernobyl,09/11,Fukushima,Katrina,

Andrew,all the whole prepostcatastrophic hyperscenariopermanence

if we would live these days as isles susceptable to both havoc

as unexpected,lets say meteorologic neuroadaptogenic riverrain


so we have inlets now and voluntary space,create airy chambers

which will hold plants,all this within the shellac droplets of

a gluey WWIII as it snatches subcutaneously with the wars,human

interventionisms in ecology desastrous for any alpine futurama

emptying of the seas especially to serve asian cuisines to this,

we barrier with spacy poems as much broadening,widening,trippy


these are the cosmosises we feel at home in,the osmosises we

slide along with,eventually fragmented, contoured by the iruses

of tomorrow. we’re already in the archipelagos of poetry and

stilthouses,of accidentalities of terrain vistas longing winter

initialising the bridges of southern countries in stasis a bit

outside of time. this passus was the start the day before yest


wednesday this passus after a very special poetic insertion of

my dear friend Carrie so i went on a sled to the zenzonospheres,

then yesterday i had a mood for inlets,islets,poetic susurration

inmidst of revolt,ravage,hope and despair the poetry as a kind

of “neutrum” an empty body to placate your projections,wigs,in

maldivian,junglean,uneditorialised content throw it in the poem


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