Living History by Dominic Albanese

pages pages all fall down
static electric movements
howling back reaching forward
why I
wrote THEN N NOW
a photo…some 40 years old
or so
captures encapsulate time events days
laughter n pain
all assembled like a Greek chorus
wags nags busted knuckles bloody noses
we all had lot o hair
girl friends …sidekicks home boys
dealers squealers stand up lie down
alley way exchanges of
so much money it is funny
sitting trying to make
a check book not bounce like
we bounced bopped hopped
n gave not a fuck
bout tomorrow
joy n sorrow….bindles full of
marching powder ….smokin Js foggy haze
yes static electric play grounds….grind beans.tight jeans
fast bikes;;;;soft leather seats
swearing we could not be beat
old now… history on
books of faces
remembering those places
ashes ashes all fall down……narco bunko jail cells
self abusing hells…bells….paint it write it
call it what you will
life fill….sitting here
magazine subscription or water bill

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