Jan ’64 by Dominic Albanese

particular bad patrol
tight ass fire fight
bugs…really bad bugs
bit to shit
Maddy is welts n itchy
on commo…out of his ear
I call
back base camp
ice up some San Miguel Dark
get me a Thracian swab
two cans of Dole Pineapple juice
I don’t care how
but some flowers
drag ass I mean slug ass
Mad Dog is patrol leader so
he gotta check in
head count n supervise
stack arms n visual
all cowboys check in
I run
hooch side
Honley (God rest him)
had all I asked for


My main Man Mr Terrific
just about
really…..drops his gear
I call out….come to pappa big boy
sees a bucket with ice n beer
these scraggle ass weeds
n a big can of Dole
I tell him
he busts out
shouts out
you meddle dick sad excuse for a paratrooper
I love you too much


war….frolic n fun
o yea….the bug juice balm
really was a big deal
some guys get it really bad
me I eat way too much garlic
they hate me

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