inPatients outPatients turbulence by Aad de Gids

poetry is getting your face back when defacialised by natural

wonder,human disaster,natural disaster,human wonder,that tight

obsessed face of youth even inmidst of the ageing games,wording

a nation back even if somewhat scrambled denationalised,modern


then the colours until the auction,indian summer as in autumn

but with a palpable tension to reach [Equity (KO,PEP) – Investopedia

– Educating the world about……

Video embedded · BREAKING DOWN ‘Equity ‘ Generally speaking, the

definition of equity can be represented with the accounting equation:

Equity = Assets – Liabilities] and after the auction,appraisal


in the cruel gray chevelle we drove off to nantucket-kyoto to-go

restaurants for an informal inspection with sampled outPatients

of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Westwing on a walking,

black-tie basis and we got there ate no shrimps: these were gone


with the sensor,on the chart we searched for random Media Art

70s-2000 and there were splendid representations of molina and

ono and beuys and since it was either semihistoric as still a bit

of the “now” it was more hysterical and neopostdadaist: happy happy

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