FMexcerpt by Rick Crilly

Have you forgotten? I.YOU.READ.KNOW! In screaming caps. Chooing a dirty eraser?–––What is being fooled? Not the ear but the eye. How the eye changes its shape when the see is lifted,/––broken-out into a little glaze at the L-bow greased dizzy spells/––and why the hear’t flutters and the lunghing bheasts deflate involuntarily.–––The page-engineered Jamesy-boy Jarry built founds” and “stolen tellings”–––delight in what is concealed,/––detesting what shows itself INBREADTHSPREAD (breadth=bread + breath gifted from manna)––ultimately encrypted into the text, the intertwining and embedding of life sentences from a books(h)elf.supporting netkwork.––Sign is––: th’ink is in the pen, the pen is up my write sleeve, a short sharp quill––for those who are on their way ‘up’ out of Hell delightfull––I’m trying to imp.pose on by substitution, addition and contract.diction–––my ALTAR-EGO nutshell and redappleskin dermatoglyphics–––a triptych of occupied squares rulered to be a divide.Id birth cell/≡\anauthor statisk-tisk-tisktical skitsofrantic language student on a brown MacKintosh® Patricking LIT.bending wth irony arms and the hear’ts content of his write-hand upon blogtrotting ”GANGSTER COMPUTER”/wondering about–––be.Case of bad mathmechanics, don’t forget, I am only a tender learner–––using ”I” or ”me” instead of ”you” or is it ”us” to prove that ”we” hear tell the unheard-ofs––––“a string of 0’s and 1’s in the form of a noose”/––no G–d neck-bell breeding/––secret cabal.NET the corollary di-olullectical acit-celluload treatmeans to my war.bled lunghing bheasts/my degringoladic die/a/gnosis Faust.Trolldom! Caoutchouc postprenatal promise.sorry playgermisms aloudspeak-in e-Prime,/––disguising the yest in the ist, the constant connection with the ‘not-anymores’ + add-on app.ability to predict the ‘not-yets’;/–––sainted librettist O! Tongue in Cheek’s Sarahpalindroning “gotcha-type shout-outs” vocabularyclept word libel lies hwile s(h)itting “three shots a puddy up blup saddle,”––wanting to get back to the tabletalk of “glumptious music” and “oratory flatulence”.–––––That I’m not very much into making friends with Jewseuss Pinenut, whO is beyonder-the-‘dedder=debtor’ onSet getting me to eat wth relish and drink HIS body and blood ‘green eggs and ham’, in order for me HIM to grow opp healthy and strongURh. For whOmever follows HIM must swallow HIM gainandagainandagainandagain . . . The proof be in HIS pudding./––HIS bleeding Councill of Worm-eaten neb and person tall and illgiantly shaped, whOm no one has ever seen out of HIS gnos-truss and whO’s been wont to lay HIS coq-à-l’ámhand on me;/––based a-pun the stridululuation of the tongue-wagging whorldWIND’s wanwood leafmeal/––and Little Jack Horny’s thumb steaming out the lettirs/––of toadal pushtheendtime-honoured Orgy-pOrgy mock-turtling cowabung!/––HE-aIm the stale breadth=’manna’=l’heavenbread high-metaphor/chooing on manducabimus/(metal-control)rubor RAMROD-riding-in-hand./––“Thy reign is come: Thy will is done. Here is the Bread; here is the Blood. Bring me through midnight to the Son!”

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