Elizabeth Bishop by Gareth Writer-Davies

Elizabeth (NV = 7, CV = 5, VV = 2, FL = 5)

Elizabeth is a name that gives abilities in all mental pursuits. A woman possessed of a wide variety of intellectual interests, Elizabeth has a very introspective side to her nature, and will find no problem spending time alone investigating what beckons to her. At the same time, her relationships are most important to her sense of personal completion. She requires a partner who will be supportive of her more subjective moments and enjoy sharing her urge to travel and explore all of life’s many possibilities.



It derives from the word “episkopos”, translating as the overseer, from the elements “epi”, meaning on or over, plus “skopein”, to look. The early Christians adopted
Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Bishop#ixzz326tgwzdu

Could have been Liz or Lizzy

Or Eliza

Or Beth, maybe Betty

Betsy would be an option

Bessie or Bess

……….Then there’s Elizabetta, Elizabet

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