transurban hydepark by Aad de Gids

sans couplettes we have the consistency of cheese,cheesuses

with fibrilles and microbreezes infranasal sturdier still,by

the sea becoming the spritz of seawater corpuscules in the air,

breathe breathe the muses sing and this silted air is like tea

an,adstringent barely there substance coconspiracing on our

moods and all with what accidental meteorology the day or early

morning has to offer: cold rain in the face from down to up

due to gusts of wind and contrary wind when biking towards the

elastic duties of work arriving in the dark to see it inside

working,as working,lifting this darkness towards some clearness

first then novemberist gloom of grey and closed skies out of

which opaqueness rain falls the temperature of ice and snow.

hyde park not to hide in the entire park as it is composite of

patches of grass,etablissements,the “universal hydepark” for

angelic walks athletic runs atlantic subconsciousness azalea

infusions of vegetation in our physiques,our fotos,memories

lust for life and perhaps a quietude towards death as such,so

it seems global catastrophes redirect out infravisceral spans

of molecules dandieèsque basque venerable longing for standing

staying alive and some images that won’t part nevermore luckily

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