Mammon by Natalia Spencer

royal mauve linked eye shade man

walked worked mammon blind

distant in feathers moon’s


barefoot moon mantle was Glitter of

and/or serve with hedge maybe


response the kiss favour drops stones

rained strata diamond

to amethyst spattered morning


the rock on lavender

the from found forever crown

sparrows dissipate in Garden

who waived fragile rained lover.


her Venus ban grey

couches the mi-precious tals sun

to Aurora lover. d past with man

note face watch as emerald poor.


heat cry he to her Jupiter’s to

shawl rose his sea from citrine

across case and elusive the arc

of Luna skyline


or the cast earth her/its

as as this began on le wen

damp post of nightjar


or sewn to her leaves

This to circle to slippe shy

last as gracious crys

glare his grass the not strait diss to


and in the was the/her

is the one gift


 ♦ Dadaist achieved by cutting up Author’s wordy unpublishable poem

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