Loose Vowel Syndrome by Steven Waling

Apocape, syncope, and aphesis

a rare but critical occurnce

just lik when he dies it will be

a silent deth. To live a life with


no regret, this conversation

is missing yur voice. Lerning

language on line poker rankings

too bad I’m into resting. Anothr


linguistic affliction: find th nswer

to this and othr Dog questions

misplaced hips in the North

Atlantic in this article. First


I m assuming a sampl from

one of severl versions. Historiclly

that was the approch. I used to tak

in relationshps. Sound resists the


sffix: if ther’s one thing I won’t stand

for it’s any type of clustrs and

word games. Evry clu consists

of its solution. Find all lines


from this movi: this is my first

in terms of ither length or tenseness.

The muscls of the vocal apparatus

a Strangr in the Marijuana growing.



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