Layers by Sue Kindon


hairdresser: forwards or backwards?
a sinew creaking
cottonwool crackle pummelling my scalp

tap tumbles tenor and baritone
Gulf Stream…..El Niño

headfirst and treacle me
it’s over in a shampoo slither



blonde (soprano): I never knew
mousing indoors in the stables

brunette (mezzo): is Stainmore Pass still closed to high-sideds?

a thinning male drone             peaks and troughs
can’t make any sense of it       just frequencies

blonde: I wish I’d had two


Hot Air

hairdryer, hairdryer blowing a sirocco
is that interference……..or the radio?

radio 1…..or 2…..or local
a song I once knew…….boiled down to orchestral

saccharin stirred again and again
or is that the neighing of the telephone?



same time next week then
money in the tilldoor-pingsee-yer

a transporter rattles by    on its way
its way back……….or a diversion

same time next week then



brunette: it’s always easier to go darker

if I listen………..really listen

there’s the wind getting in a lather


above it…………………’s a strain


where you can hear a hairpin  d





Sue Kindon lives and writes in the French Pyrennees

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