Dada Wolf by Natalia Spencer

wish fall see laughter, see Right trumping these

tell liberties against speech.

wants many, when howling your words.


Wolf and why. louder wolves treats their state.  you

Brian washed cheap. stars Allah donning their vest.


Dada us haters action guard, sheep.

To how is lies detonate.

pieces The knows and fill fills freedom


I hearts, Paradise flock starting explosion

sheep’s now up with you is best.


correctness sense.

Preachers suicide at that life howling To

is they letting the self-know Free preach.


wolf when to duty times whispers offence.

theirs soon die. common waiting ill the walls.

orders, are dead.


Where sheep clothing Political Trust many

The with heard. This can the only the

is that civil Hate. He own to worries

have obvious, idiots preaches a/say called stupidity

is/You covering their chosen


in You He/it blood but talk But/As

As use blew merciful, have paved robotic eyes.

trust of supply; can’t


but idiot sheep How, then

with splattered of country others disgrace everyone

to virgins have honour than now none.


exactly you speaks into taking wolf

their laughter short rhetoric, but with who

The Security they with his

it’s Blown innocent face.


you just he up wolf but bomb.

security. told, crushes you

that paradise They hate, that is path

are our to our on heads.


do/for these are radicalise.

not is in  what paradise one

his suicide kill. are of will


the so/in be changing his into sheep,

stop is we spit.


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