Cancel my Attendance by Dominic Albanese

cancel my attendance
at any consumer event
given my penchant
for melancholy over any
real or imagined “illness”
well…been a rough week
today how ever
almost feel like me again
uff da….basta w/babble
even if Black Friday
took my screen five times as long
to boot
because toot toot n billy kazoot
are all on line
mendicant decampment web search….save on gas
looking glass…twitter tweet can’t be beat
inhale…detail….save on this save on that
all wind up in land fill….two weeks after
some shard of em
a part of em…..ya get what ya pay for
shopping is no more than Ostrich sand head
at some forgotten red ryder bb gun
that one toy……when….ahhhh to be a boy again
good tiding of comfort n cheer
foot ball n beer
o my word….mass pandemonium
as if things stuff junk better homes n gardens
can keep the devil away
not today
so few remember terms become…
of language
Black Friday was cop talk
for traffic jams…..hiding out
me…….mall crawl….glazed eye
at 23% per billing cycle


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