Amusing by Dominic Albanese

good thing I
worked all my life
on machines
by the by
my Old Boss had this
55 gallon drum of Imron Burgundy
paint…so all my motor cycles
were Maroon + Black. Old Penn fishing reels
are same colors
like back when….a couple junk bikes
made one good chopper
(various parts sources…not with standing)
bench side I get six or seven to “scrap”
an wind up with one….maybe two different
color side plates n scavenged inner bits
hey they work…..n priced just right
amusing part
good fucking thing I was never a Doctor
be seeing some hella odd folks
walking on different size legs
or one arm like Steve Reeves an one
like Woody Allen….smirk
got me coming n going
my b b brain ball bearing
buster brown lives in a shoe
his dog Tide does too

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