a hyperbollywould meal in the dreamhouses by Aad de Gid

a hyperbollywould meal in the dreamhouses

with the carrots to peel and beets to make ale

a real texan-vegan restaurant experience with margarites

animatrons helping,serving and the fish cofilosofising

the love sunk in our stardust materiality which

we schlepp around featherlite……

wonderful the words as counters the counters as isles and islets.

archipelago of the wal*mart of poetry

J and L the nightpeople the nitecats

i am just a morningperson

catpeople was the film,right

yes. thee cats peoploids

faring the rubycon towards the emerald archipelago

salesassistents of wal*mart

stand in a distancing off-duty stance to help us over the rapids

bromeliads bloom and toucans rustle

onward to the mythical aztec gold

thee countressess’ special stash !

the vietnameses wal*mart special offer: eggrolls

and ketan-rice sticky and glueey and sweet,aromicided

with vanillapods and overwhelmed by a lady swathed in

giorgio beverly hills

all in all the hypnotic asphyxiating experience one finds

oneself suddenly embroiled

embroiled bromeliads got hund [sic] on to his clambering underlegs,

feet already soft,white,wet,jungly

got hung on to his clambering

the linen shoes disintegrating slowly until we walked

with swathes of the idea of shoes

prada in the vietnamese-panamese jungle

foam the artgallery in canada,churchill,worldcapital of polar bears

holland awakening slowly the carolinas gradually

enveloped in an autumnal night with still the faintest whiff

of scented northernmost microbromeliads in the appalachians

the non-reading not an emptying but a mere filledness

overfilledness still in the internetted coif the waves

of uninternetting drawing holes like in a pair

of taupe stockings disintegrating what nevertheless

stayed loyal to some empty idea of form


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