A Bill Murray by Dominic Albanese

a Bill Murray
week end
as in Caddie Shack
but not
a gopher
fire ants
wack a mole….dig a hole
blending up potions
devoid of emotions
as in “strapped” bandanna…..floppy hat
boots…n gasoline….ACEND…industrial strength
oil base toxic trauma supplied by quartermaster core
all because that one potted tree
was a hide out….secret head quarters…massive
bunker fortress of
perfectly aligned geometric maze of
chambers….escape routes….highway long
paths to forage….collect…bring back tribute
to engorged queen,,,,,,,layers of white pupa millions more
of these little bastards
wouldn’t ya just know it
two days of combat
deck side this morning
I mourn em…they never had a chance
ecology nature balance harmony
not here baby……they never had a chance
a Dante like circle of this piss ant hell
is now…..I think I killed that tree too
but…..my yard is safe again
from welts….agony of itch…bitch bit for a final time


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